In accordance with directive 94/9/EC, all Lec’s latest lab products now come complete with Zone 2, Category 3 ATEX certification.

This not only guarantees the absence of ignition sources, it fulfils the safety requirements for explosion-prone areas such as the internal refrigeration chamber.

As well as certifying that Lec’s products are safe to operate within certain zones and are spark-free, ATEX 94/9EG confirms that all electronic components are intrinsically safe, there is structural safety for all non-electrical components and energy restriction of the power circuits on the interior, and that temperature sensors are protected by safety barriers.

In addition, it guarantees ground protection for the complete refrigerator interior, the refrigerator interior is not opened to the outside and material combinations on the inside are non-combustible. The interiors of all Lec’s ATEX approved products now feature the marking: II 3 G c ic IIB T6 X.

Lec Medical’s lab products all feature an advanced precision controller that shows the internal air temperature to 0.1⁰C for improved functionality and accuracy.

Capable of displaying air and simulated load temperature readings to one decimal place via the external digital LED display, so that temperature is easier and more accurate to record daily and there is a better awareness of how the unit is functioning. The new digital controller can also be locked for added security and is easy to wipe clean

The ATEX approved models also incorporate R600a refrigerant for improved energy efficiency and lower running costs.

The models also have zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and a negligible global warming potential (GWP) of 3. R600a uses 45% less energy than comparable systems using the less environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant to obtain the same performance.

Products also feature an antimicrobial, wash-resistant handle for improved hygiene. Smaller, 845mm high under counter models have been introduced and roller castors on the rear of all models also come as standard for easier moving and cleaning.

All Lec Medical models have a two-year parts and labour warranty for UK releases.