Atex is pleased to announce its latest Web Content Management platform, version 10.8, based on the leading Polopoly architecture. The Atex 10.8 Web CMS release features the industry’s first built-in paywall, enabling media-rich companies to generate new revenues through subscription-based or metered access to premium content.

“A modern Web CMS needs to recognize that premium models are becoming an integral part of the content management and audience engagement process,” says Anders Weijnitz, Atex Vice President of Web CMS Product Management. “As such, we believe that paywall capabilities are core to providing web publishers with easy and flexible ways to experiment with premium packages for successfully monetizing content online. Atex is proud to launch the first Web CMS that delivers this as an integral capability in our content management system.”

One key benefit of the Atex WCMS 10.8 paywall is the flexibility in defining products. Creating and customizing premium digital offers is completely dynamic, and editors can quickly manage and refine the products. Although traffic often drops with the introduction of a paywall, performance is still vital. Therefore, the Atex paywall is high-performing with in-memory caching to minimize the performance impact of premium access control.

Other features in the Atex 10.8 Web CMS release include a lightweight HTML5 authoring tool, which allows contributors to create and submit content using modern browsers on any platform. Version 10.8 also includes user interface enhancements for the Statistics module, as well as an upgraded REST web service that helps extend integrations with third-party systems that exchange content in XML or JSON formats. In addition, the 10.8 release includes new and updated plug-ins for Atex Engage, a mobile reporter tool, live photo coverage with ShootItLive, a new gallery, and a form builder.

“We are excited about the possibilities with HTML5 and emerging frameworks such as AngularJS in combination with REST based JSON services,” says Anders Weijnitz. “The updated web service API fits right in and brings us back to our roots. It plays to the strong Content Management Framework (CMF) aspects of our platform; a re-emerging trend where we have continued to invest in recent releases. Ultimately, business development online is online development, and we will continue to provide the supporting content platform.”

About Atex
Atex (, headquartered in the UK with offices worldwide, is a leading technology company providing software and services for media-rich industries. Atex develops content management, advertising management and audience systems that enable companies to streamline operations and build multi-channel revenues. As a global company, Atex is committed to developing and delivering software products that are increasingly engaging, collaborative, targeted, contextually relevant, and available on demand.