In all areas of work computers are now needed because they are so versatile, capable of performing many different tasks and assisting in many different ways. Computers are used in shops, in corporate offices, in the food industry and also in hazardous industries such as the oil and gas production industries. Hazardous environments like these obviously mean that special precautions have to be taken and special equipment, including computer equipment of all kinds, has to be used. PCs, terminals and monitors have to be made by a specialist company which can offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service to fit with your own company’s particular needs.

All of the equipment which is manufactured must comply with the ATEX directive as a confirmation that the computer equipment will be safe to use in hazardous environments. The ATEX directive is essentially two directives from the EU which state what sort of work equipment is safe to use in any environment which has an explosive atmosphere – therefore, if you work in such an environment, then it is clear that you will want computers that comply with this because you’ll be breaking the law as well as endangering yourself.

All of the products which are available to you are field tested to perform in the harshest conditions, so you know that any piece of equipment you buy won’t let you down. You will find a wide range of these products available to you, including zone 1 HMI products such as PC workstations, remote terminals, monitors and keyboards.

The PC workstations feature a glove friendly touchscreen, an integrated keyboard/mouse or alternatively an external keyboard and various other features that are intended to make using them in hazardous environments as easy as possible.

As well as high quality zone 1 HMI products you will also find ATEX zone 2 products including Zone 2 workstations and a Zone 2 Thin Client. The workstations have glove friendly touch screens, are sunlight viewable, can be operated in temperatures ranging anywhere between -40 degrees and 60 degrees and include a horn/beacon driver, internal temperature and humidity sensors plus lots more. The Thin Client is similar but is a slim and lightweight solution with a few additional features.

Ultimately, there is no way you can get round the ATEX directive, so you have no choice but to comply with it and make sure that the equipment you have is up to scratch. The relevant products are available online from various manufacturers and retailers both in-store and online for your convenience. While there are products and pieces of equipment that have been designed to work in multiple environments, you might need something a little different. In cases like these, take advantage of any bespoke design services you might be able to receive – you’ll work with the company to craft unique equipment designed exactly to your specifications and to complete the tasks that you need it to complete.

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