Burrowes, a Parliamentary Private Secretary, has urged the Government’s senior
law officer to use his power to appeal against the sentences imposed on Huhne
and Pryce for perverting the course of justice over their “points swapping”
after a speeding offence committed by Huhne 10 years ago.  After studying
previous cases, he believed that Huhne and Pryce, a former senior government
economist, should have been sent to prison for 12 months or more.

Burrowes told The Independent: “The offence strikes at the root of the criminal
justice system. I don’t believe the sentences reflect the seriousness of the
issue, and the importance of upholding the integrity of the system. It was
important not only that it was a custodial sentence but that it reflected the
serious of it, particularly for someone who over a prolonged period of time
lied and lied again and brought down his wife with him.”

MP for Enfield Southgate said: “The sentence should reflect the public interest
point of view that law-makers cannot be law-breakers and should also be
law-respecters. It also needs to be exemplary and provide deterrence. It fell
short of comparable cases and the facts of this case.”

Burrowes believed Pryce as well as Huhne should receive a longer jail term. “I
have more sympathy for Vicky Pryce. She was under some emotional pressure from
Chris Huhne. But her defence of marital coercion was rejected as false. She was
very much part and parcel of it, even though the focus was on Huhne. 
Whilst there is sympathy for a personal and family tragedy, the reality is that
they had positions with a high level of trust and responsibility and
fundamentally broke the trust of the public they were serving.”

a letter to the Attorney General, the Tory MP said the 10 per cent discount for
Huhne’s last-minute guilty plea appeared “generous” because of his “prolonged
and persistent misleading conduct” over 10 years.

Burrowes told Mr Grieve: “There is a concern that the sentence, particularly
for Chris Huhne, was lenient compared to comparable cases involving people who
were not politicians or in high profile positions. It is important that there
is no substance for the perception of there being one rule for the rulers and
another for the ruled.”

Brown,  Pryce’s solicitor, questioned whether she should have been treated
as a victim rather than a defendant as he suggested she is considering an
appeal. He cautioned critics of the “marital coercion” defence that
they could leave victims of domestic abuse defenceless if it was abolished.

case has provoked demands for the “arcane”  defence – which
applies only to wives – to be scrapped. Mr Brown agreed that the law needs
updating, but told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “Those responsible for
that should be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are
still cases where there are women in relationships where they are vulnerable
and they may be put under pressure to commit crimes and they need the state to
be able to defend them rather than just prosecute them.”

Attorney General urged to consider longer jail terms for Chris Huhne and Vicky … – The Independent
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