After seeing lover Chris Huhne jailed for lying to dodge a speeding ticket, Carina Trimingham will no doubt take her own motoring fine on the chin.

She got a £110 penalty for parking in a permit holders’ bay while visiting her boyfriend at Wandsworth jail today.

Carina, 45, spent two-and-a-half hours with the ex-minister before rubbishing reports he had been mocked by guards and bullied.

She even rang the Prison Officers Association to praise staff.

It came after claims he was called to breakfast by a warder screaming, “Order! Order!” over the jail’s public address system.

Carina Trimingham
Visit: Carina Trimingham yesterday


The association’s Glyn Travis said: “She wants it to be known he has been treated with respect by everybody he has met.”

One visitor said she saw the couple “laughing and joking” and added: “He looked fine to me.”

Huhne, 58, and ex-wife Vicky Pryce, 60, were jailed for eight months on Monday for perverting the course of justice over a decade-old speeding ticket.

Pryce is in Holloway jail. One prisoner said: “I recognised her straight away. If she keeps her head down she’ll be fine.”


Best just pay the parking ticket, Carina: Chris Huhne’s lover in her own motoring … –
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