The recently concluded Burning Man festival, which ended on September 2, drew in its largest participant count in history. An estimated 68,000 people went this time around, a whole 5,000-6,000 people more than last year. As the years pass more and more people join, and the festival just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The Burning Man festival first started with a handful of people on a small beach in San Francisco but with time, it has evolved into an extensive network of over 48,000 people that attend the Burning Man event.

The Burning Man is an event that happens every year at Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, and it encourages people to be part of an experimental community challenging them to express themselves and rely only on themselves in a way that is not seen in one’s daily life. As it has been happening over a number of years, Black Rock Desert has become the home of an event that encourages experimentation of oneself and individual self expression.

There are no explicit rules for the event, but all involved take a pledge to protect the health and safety of everyone else, and to make the experience a good one for the community at large. There is no hard and fast rule about what you can contribute to the festival, instead you can express yourself in whatever way you want, it’s completely up to you. Living in the desert for a week brings people together, and a with the tents and houses built, a new city forms every year.

Sometimes, even months after the event, traces of what went on still emerge. An intrinsic part of The Burning Man festival is appreciation and expression of art. Larry Harvey, founder of the Burning Man project, gives a theme to each year, to help create a common canvas in which people can paint their own interpretation of the theme in a meaning full way.

Participants generally come up with their own special way to contribute to the festival, whether it be large-scale art designs, camps, reenactments, interpretive styles like dance, costumes and a number of other ways.

One really has to go for the festival to really understand it, but what really differentiates The Burning Man from other festivals is there are no large scale performances or acts that perform; instead it is the visitors who contribute to the beauty of the festival. Everyone is a performer and everyone participates to ensure the event is one to remember.

The theme this year was 2013 ART THEME: CARGO CULT and was held between August 26 to September 2. You can also visit, and check out the themes from past years, archived information and learn more about The Burning Man project.



The ticket prices vary with the year. But here is  some of the popular pricing packages they offer. 

Holiday Sale   

4,000 tickets will be available at $190 each.   
Tickets are limited to 1 per person.    
Tickets are not eligible for name changes and are not transferrable.   

Individual Sale

40,000 tickets were available at $380 each, plus applicable fees.   
Limited to 2 per person  
Participation in the Individual Sale required pre-registration.
OMG Sale

1000+ 4000 tickets are available at $380 each, plus applicable fees.   
Participants who have purchased from a previous sale are ineligible to purchase from the OMG sale.
First-come, first-served sale starts August 7, 2013 at 12 pm (noon) PDT.   
Ticket orders are fully transferrable and eligible for name changes.

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