Hot on the heels of his
announcement of a new security pact with Algeria, Mr Cameron arrived in the
Libyan capital of Tripoli this morning to pledge that Britain will provide
training and advice for police and the army to bolster the country’s 
recovery from decades of dictatorship.

The Prime Minister said he
wanted to do more to help the new Libyan government, which is facing continuing
problems with the disparate militias that helped depose Muammar Gaddafi amid a
continuing struggle to establish a functioning democracy.

The visit to Tripoli, which took
place despite to the British embassy and consulates in Libya, included a
walkabout of the city’s Martyrs’ Square amid heavy security after Mr Cameron
had arrived from the airport in a 16-car convoy.

On an earlier tour of a police
training college, the Prime Minister recalled the trip he made to Libya shortly
after the toppling of Colonel Gaddafi in September 2011,  said: “I will
never forget the scenes I saw in Tripoli and Benghazi. The British people want
to stand with you and help you deliver the greater security that Libya needs.
So we have offered training and support from our police and our military. We
look forward to working together in the years ahead.”

Mr Cameron is due to hold
talks Libya’s recently-appointed prime minister, Ali Zaidan, who is seeking to
build a government of national unity and disband the militias. He will also
meet President Megarief while in the country.

Cameron promises closer ties with Libya to boost security in North Africa – The Independent
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