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Energy Water Solutions (EWS), a global water company that owns and operates Produced Water purification facilities, today announced a significant expansion of its current agreement with Cardno ENTRIX – an Environmental and Natural Resource Management Consultancy – for the application, implementation and permitting support of EWS technology solution to include the key global unconventional oil and gas markets of Australia and the United States.

This builds upon existing arrangements to jointly serve the oil and gas markets of Latin America where opportunities are currently being pursued in Brazil and Colombia.

“The expansion of EWS’s relationships with companies with the reputation and capabilities of Cardno ENTRIX is a significant step in making the EWS water purification technology available globally. We have a solid business focus and share the view that our joint solution will provide operators in the unconventional gas and oil industries, and their associated communities, cost saving, better performance and improved environmental options in the beneficial use of treating water resulting from the production process.”

“We are very enthusiastic about expanding this relationship to include the USA and Australia where both some of the worlds largest emerging market opportunities exist in the production of shale and or coal seam gas and Cardno ENTRIX has a significant presence and capability,” said Bill Weathersby, CEO at EWS.

“Managing and treating water in the oil and gas sector is a major production and cost issue for operators and an environmental issue for communities and regulators. Merging our patented, scalable, flexible and cost efficient technology and processes with the Cardno ENTRIX environmental and natural resource management services will give both organizations a unique position in an industry that is experiencing unprecedented growth. Unconventional gas, gas liquids, and oil have a major role to play in the USA and Australia achieving energy independence and creating new export revenues. Neither will be achieved without an effective water resource management solution such as provided by EWS and Cardno ENTRIX.”

“The combination of EWS and Cardno ENTRIX creates a new force in the sector,” said Bill Weathersby. “Our skills and contributions are completely complimentary and will create a multiplier effect for the delivery of water treatment and management solutions to the industry and we couldn’t be happier to have Cardno ENTRIX as our partner.”

The agreement gives Cardno ENTRIX rights to market and design complete solutions using the technology and systems of EWS to allow water generated from produced water plants to be used for beneficial social and environmental uses. Cardno ENTRIX has developed a very successful Oil and Gas market sector practice in Latin America, and, intends to expand the Produced Water management services in the USA and Australia with a focused team and common methodologies.

“The demand for Cardno ENTRIX’s water resource management services in the Oil and Gas market sector, and the new unconventional gas sector in particular, has grown tremendously in recent years,” said Todd Williams, President of Cardno ENTRIX. “This arrangement with EWS in this critical service need, coupled with their unique technology solution, allows us to comprehensively offer an innovative technology where the integration of treated Produced Water into the broader water ecosystem is of value. Combined with the extensive staff resources of Cardno Limited in Australia, we believe our combined teams offer unparalleled sustainable water management solutions for the Oil and Gas market sector in three of the most active Exploration and Production regions around the world.”

About Energy Water Solutions

EWS is in the implementation phase of its global water purification program. The Company’s primary target markets include high volume energy producers in coal bed methane, unconventional plays and conventional production. The EWS model is to own and operate a number of world-class produced water treatment facilities designed to create incremental fresh water for beneficial use in the local communities.

Formed in February 2011 in Houston, TX EWS LLC established a fully owned subsidiary EWS Australia Pty Ltd in October 2011.

About Cardno ENTRIX

Cardno ENTRIX is an environmental and natural resource management consultancy providing a broad suite of services in Water Resources Management, Natural Resources Management, Permitting Compliance, and Liability Management. Clients turn to Cardno ENTRIX for help navigating complex environmental, natural resource, and business challenges because of our creative problem-solving and the successful track record of our multidisciplinary team.

Cardno ENTRIX is a subsidiary of Cardno Limited, a global provider of physical and social infrastructure services based in Brisbane, Australia. In addition to core consulting capabilities, as part of the Cardno family, we now offer clients access to a much broader range of civil and structural engineering, international development assistance, and other planning services around the world

The strength of the Cardno brand extends across more than 160 worldwide offices and represents an employee base of over 6,600. We invite you to explore our services further at
www.cardnoentrix.com or call us at 1.800.368.7511. To learn more about our parent company, Cardno Limited, please visit
www.cardno.com .

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