SHEFFIELD, England, Feb 20, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) —
Connexion2, a U.K.-based company that provides lone worker solutions to
organizations internationally, is supplying its multi-award winning lone
worker device, Identicom, to American Water. Supplied through
Connexion2’s authorized partner in North America, G4S Justice Services
LLC and their LoneProtectora” solution, the combination of Identicom and
G4S’s advanced monitoring solution provides peace of mind to both
workers and employers alike.

American Water, the largest publicly traded U.S. water and wastewater
utility company, employs approximately 7,000 people in more than 30 U.S.
states and parts of Canada. The company chose to incorporate the use of
Identicom with its existing safety and risk management programs to
enhance the ability of reducing risk to its workers and facilities.

The Identicom lone worker device looks like a normal identity badge but
is actually a GSM communications device with GPS and Man-Down
functionality. It is easy to wear and discreet to operate by the user
should they feel their safety could potentially be compromised, by
opening a voice channel back to the G4S monitoring centre. The device
can be used to give visual feedback on battery life and GSM signal
strength, it can capture voice messages left periodically by a user in
line with information reflecting their activity, and it provides a
potential 24/7 link to monitoring support should it be required.

The Identicom t777 devices supplied to American Water also include ‘Man
Down’ technology enabling the product to raise an alert automatically in
the case of injury or incapacity of the user. This is through leading
technology incorporated into the Identicoms whereby degrees of movement
and impacts are detected and constantly analysed by the devices. The
devices are also GPS / GPRS enabled to ensure accurate positional
information outdoors, enabling potentially vital information to be sent
quickly to emergency responders in the event of an alarm. Lone workers
are also linked to Connexion2’s Mobile Workforce Management Platform
(MWMP) through integration with G4S’s client facing web portal. MWMP is
a web based platform utilising Google Maps (R) that allows managers to
better communicate, coordinate and deploy lone worker activities to
improve job allocation and provide additional safety-led features and
aid best practices.

Prior to implementing the Identicom solution, American Water conducted
extensive field trials, which were carried out under a pilot program in
multiple locations across the United States. During these trials,
American Water was able to successfully test and assess the Identicom
devices as well as G4S’s monitoring software and Alarm Receiving Centers.

“American Water is committed to the safety and security of our employees
and our facilities, which are both essential to the treatment and
delivery of high-quality drinking water to our customers,” says Nicholas
Santillo Jr., Senior Manager, Operations Security for American Water.
“Adding Identicom to our existing risk management assets helps safeguard
our hard-working staff as well as protect the integrity of our systems
so that we can ensure continued reliable service to our customers.”

Chris Allcard, Sales Director of Connexion2 commented: “This project is
a great example of true partnership between Connexion2, G4S and the
client. Through the discussions and pilots we ensured we provided the
solution that meets American Water’s demanding requirements. We’re
hoping this can further raise the profile of lone worker safety as the
basis for future successes in Utilities, but also in other industry
sectors in North America.”

Connexion2 is exhibiting at ISC West 2012, 27 — 30th March, Booth 16138,
Public Security Safety Section, Sands Expo Convention Centre, Las
Vegas, NV, USA.

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