Our in-house team of engineers, with the experience built up during the past 20 years, is able to provide a complete design and development service for our customers. We can offer a fast and cost effective service for the design and manufacture of prototypes and if required will be pleased to take a product from initial concept through specification, design, prototyping, pre production into final production.


Our factory at High Wycombe is equipped with CAD and a complete manufacturing facility for the design and assembly of PCB's incorporating both through hole and surface mount components.

Projects completed to date include:


  • Design and manufacture of a wide variety of PCB assemblies.
  • Design and manufacture of machine tool control cabinets.
  • Design and manufacture of process control cabinets.
  • Process test equipment manufacture.
  • Formula 1 racing car fuel bowser control equipment design and manufacture.
  • Industrial weigh system design and manufacture.
  • Cableform manufacture


We are able to offer our customers a comprehensive software design and development service. Software produced to date for our clients falls into the following 4 main categories:

Software Engineering

1. Microprocessor based products
Embedded system design using a variety of Microchip PIC's, a selection of 80C51 derivatives, Motorola dsp 56002 and Hitachi H8. Software written in either Assembler or C.

2. Database design
Integrated database design utilising MS Access.

Solve your design / production problems with us

3. PC based systems
PC based system design for Data Logging , Instrumentation and Control and Modelling.

Languages supported:
Visual C, Visual Basic (PL/M-86, Fortram , Pascal all previously used)

4. Programmable Controllers
PLC programme design for industrial control systems.

PLC's used:
Honeywell , Telemechanique TSX , Siemens S5 , Allen Bradley SLC 500 , Mitsubishi FX.

"Solve your design / production problems with us"

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