QR Code with Deeter Contact InformationThe Deeter Group is regarded as a leading international company in the design, development and production of electronic sensors, switches and control and instrumentation systems and has justly earned its reputation as a supplier of quality products and services. Deeter Electronics was established in 1991.

The Deeter product range includes: Level switches, float switches, level sensors, continuous level sensors, 4-20mA level sensors, custom level sensors, water level sensors, liquid level sensors, tank level indicators, panel mounted displays, level controllers, a wireless sensor system, wireless sensor and much more.

If you want a standard or a custom level switch, float switch, level sensor, or wireless sensor, contact us via email [email protected] or call us now on 01494 566 046.

Wireless Sensor

level sensors, float switch

panel mounted displays, level controllers

Leak Detector

Liquid fluid dispenser

Industrial Weighing Equipment, load cells

Electronic Circuit Design and Manufacture

Reed Relays

Ultrasonic level, Flow, Sludge and Proximity Sensors

Proximity Sensors and Switches

Litz Wire

Wago Terminals

Mechanical & Magnetic Floats

Boiler Control

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