The Deeter Electroncs Inc. market leaders in the design, development and manufacture of electronic sensors and control systems, has added a Wireless Modbus Gateway to its range of Wireless Sensor Network products.

Any users of Modbus communication protocols will find the new Deeter Wireless Modbus Gateway is a simple and cost effective way to connect a Deeter Wireless Sensor network to a Modbus system to monitor physical or environmental conditions, such as liquid levels, temperature, humidity, vibration, pressure and proximity.

The Deeter Wireless Modbus Gateway communicates with the Modbus network via a RS485 port in slave mode; it coordinates the wireless sensor network and manages data acquisition from the sensors using the IEEE 802.15.4™ wireless protocol in the 2.4GHz ISM frequency band.

A Deeter Wireless Modbus Gateway may be installed as a component of a new control or measurement system or as an extension to an existing wired sensor system in order to add wireless connected sensors.

Craig Harnish, Vice President of Sales at Deeter Electronics Inc. Comments; ”Modbus has become one of the most popular standard communications protocols used in process control and is now amongst the most commonly available means of connecting industrial electronic devices. Our new Modbus Gateway will allow customers to integrate Deeter Wireless Sensor products into existing or new control systems in locations where wireless has cost, safety and convenience advantages over conventional cable connected systems.”

Deeter Wireless products may be used indoors or outside and all are rated to IP64, have an operating temperature range of -20ºC to +70ºC and compliant to FCC part 15.

The Deeter Group’s comprehensive range of wireless sensors and network components may be used to remotely monitor temperature, pressure, flow, humidity, liquid level, float or proximity switches or any sensor connected to a 4-20mA control loop. Deeter wireless sensor networks are very versatile and can range from a simple single sensor measurement to complex multi sensor and multi-vendor systems with mixed sensor inputs and routers to extend wireless range and offer self-healing mesh networks.

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The Deeter Group product range includes level sensors, complete wireless sensing systems, leak detectors, industrial weighing equipment, reed and proximity switches, security switches, termination assemblies, litz and magnetic wire and solar power systems.


About Deeter Group:

The Deeter Group is a privately owned group of companies first established in the UK in 1982 and set up to provide electronic services and products to industry. The Group comprises Deeter Engineering Services Ltd, Deeter Weighing Systems, Deeter Electronics Ltd, Deeter Electronics Inc and Deeter International Ltd. During its existence it has developed from a small local supplier to a Group of companies which trade throughout the world. Deeter now lists among its customers many large international companies and has justly earned its reputation as a supplier of quality products and services.


Deeter Electronics was established in 1991 as a distributor of specialist electronic products. It now supplies a range of products to customers in the UK, mainland Europe, Asia and North and South America. In addition to some sensor products manufactured within the Deeter Group, Deeter Electronics is now either an agent or distributor for a number of market leading component Brands.



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