Liquid Volume Dispenser, Liquid DispenserThe Deeter Liquid Volume Dispenser will repeatedly deliver a
precise, operator selected, measured volume of liquid at the press of a button.
The unit features automatic calibration and is temperature compensated to
ensure accurate dosing across the wide temperature range of possible fluids
being delivered. A USB data-link and control software suite is provided to
allow users to externally control the Liquid Volume Dispenser and collect data
for logging and archiving.

The liquid volume required is simple to select and the setting is retained in non-volatile memory for repeat operation. Volumes between 0.10 litres and 100.00 litres can be selected in increments of 0.01 litres. The dispenser will accurately measure volumes over a
flow rate range of between 0.6 litres/minute and 5 litres/minute.

The Deter Liquid Volume Dispenser has two Speedfit® push-fit connectors for fluid in and out. These can accommodate a tube with an outside diameter of 8mm. Wetted surfaces are nylon, PTFE, Buna and acetal, making the Liquid Volume Dispenser suitable for a wide
range of fluids.

Operator controls consist of a three-button keypad and a liquid crystal display. The display shows the selected volume and progress during dispensing. A number of additional features are available through the keypad, including pause and restart during
dispensing, cancelling dispensing, and manual ‘top-up’ control.

An audible ‘beep’ option is provided to indicate when dispensing has stopped and a further option will produce continuous ‘beeps’ if the flow rate is outside of  the limits for accurate volume measurement.
These audio options can be enabled or disabled through a display menu and are also
saved to non-volatile memory and are restored to the operator’s preference after power-up.

The Liquid Volume Dispenser is powered by a low-voltage supply, making it safe to use if liquid is spilt and a 12VDC mains socket adapter is supplied with each dispenser. Fluid temperature range is +1 to +65ºC and the unit is housed in a 175x125x78mm enclosure. It
offers a flow rate range of 0.6 to 5.0 litres per minute with a dispensing volume
accuracy of -3%+0% over the flow rate range. Fluid connections are via 8mm
outside diameter tube which may be polyethylene, polyurethane, nylon, brass,
copper or stainless steel.