The advent of technology has given rise to various mechanisms which were unthinkable in the first place. Nowadays, everything can be obtained at the flick of a finger. In earlier days, water had to be drawn out of wells which were made after digging into the soil, whereas in modern times, a twirl of the tap can get water flowing out of it. There are a number of instruments which play a specific part in each mechanized process. Floatswitches (also known as liquid level switches) are an integral part of devices such as pumps. They may also be found along with alarms, indicators, or other such devices. The liquid level switch is used to measure the level of water contained in the pump or tank.

Controlling the level of water in a container is necessary for a variety of reasons. Monitoring water levels might be essential for knowing when the liquid content in the container is high and when it is low. A submersible water pump can be considered an apt example in this case. If the water level is low in this device to a high extent, such that it runs dry, it burns out rapidly. To avoid this, a liquid level switch is used. These floatswitches are fitted such that when the level of water decreases, it triggers off an alarm or turns on a water supply.

In earlier times, mercury floatswitches were in use. These were however done away with as a result of the toxic nature of mercury. A modern liquid level switch uses a float mounted magnet which helps in triggering it. Conductance and optical sensors are used in the latest switches which are based on the complex technological inventions. The liquid level sensors are used not only in industries but they also find their application in homes.

If any house uses rainwater cisterns, the cisterns will include a liquid level switch. When there is not enough water in the cistern, floatswitches turn on the pump which draws water from the rainwater reservoir and fills the cistern. In order to stop the bathroom from flooding with excess water, the pump is turned off when the level of water reaches the optimum mark. This is a commonly used principle in many houses in and around the world.

It is a known fact that all mechanical devices require handling with care. There are certain devices containing floatswitches where the water is extremely turbulent, such that the liquid level switch needs to be turned on and off quite a number of times continually. This repeated switching might lead to malfunctioning and as a result make the device susceptible to many dangers. In cases such as these, the device is shut down for a certain period of time. The program can also be set in a way such that the device is switched on only when the liquid is detected.

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