SANTA CLARA, CA – WattStopper has launched two powerful daylighting sensors that allow engineers, building owners and installers unprecedented options when designing, purchasing and implementing daylight harvesting systems. The new LMLS-400 and LMLS-500 may be used for switching or dimming applications, and are specifically designed for easy integration with occupancy sensors and other lighting controls. Both digital photosensors include a two-way infrared (IR) transceiver for communication with a wireless configuration tool, and the LMLS-400 features automatic commissioning for either switching or dimming, an industry first. By developing both open and closed loop control solutions for a full range of dimming and switching control strategies, WattStopper now offers the most complete and most flexible range of daylighting control options on the market.

The LMLS-400 is a single-zone closed loop photosensor that can be installed on a ceiling or in a lighting fixture. The LMLS-500 is a multi-zone open loop photosensor designed to mount on a ceiling or in the light well of a skylight, and control up to three lighting zones. Either sensor can be configured for on/off switching, bi-level or tri-level step switching or step dimming, or continuous dimming for each controlled zone. The digital photosensors are part of WattStopper’s Digital Lighting Management product line, and connect to room controllers and other devices using Cat 5e cables with RJ45 connectors on a free topology room network.

A convenient menu-based handheld wireless tool is used for sensor configuration. The wireless tool also initiates the self-commissioning process for the LMLS-400, and prompts users to input light levels in order to quickly commission the LMLS-500. Once the LMLS-500 receives measured light levels for each control zone, it automatically recommends setpoints, greatly simplifying the setup process compared to other open loop daylighting controls.

The digital photosensors can be easily exchanged for one another if they were not specified correctly, or added to a DLM network or if the project requirements change. Both photosensors detect only the visible portion of the lighting spectrum to precisely measure and control light levels, which prevents over -or under-dimming, and ensures occupant satisfaction.

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