Larson Electronics has announced the release of an explosion proof LED light fixture that provides higher performance and reliability than fluorescent fixtures combined with the security of emergency backup operation. The HAL-EMG-24-2L-LED-BMSW Hazardous Area LED Light Fixture features LED technology and a battery backup system providing 90 minutes of operation during power outages.

The Larson Electronics HAL-EMG-24-2L-LED-BMSW hazardous area LED light fixture is a powerful and efficient alternative to fluorescent light fixtures that provides the added security of automatic battery backup operation. The lens door is secured with four zinc coated draw latches, and the fixture is UL 595- 1598A marine type rated for salt water conditions. The LED tubes have a 50,000 hour life rating, and are highly resistant to the damaging effects of impacts and vibrations. This fixture is also features swiveling bracket mounts that allow operators to adjust the angle of the fixture over 90 degrees of movement for more precise control of where the light direction. This explosion proof fixture provides added reliability through the addition of battery back system. This system is fully automatic, and when power to the fixture is unnaturally cut off, the unit switches to its battery backup to provide continued operation for up to 90 minutes. This explosion proof LED light is Class 1 Division 2 certified and is an ideal choice for operators on offshore platforms and in industrial/petrochemical environment who are seeking a corrosion resistant and ultra reliable fixture capable of providing emergency illumination in the event of power failures.

“This hazardous area location LED light fixture is light-weight, featuring low amp draw, adjustable mounting brackets, and corrosion resistant aluminum housing,” said Robert Bresnahan from Larson Electronics “The HAL-EMG-24-2L-LED-BMSW emergency light fixture is made to replace or upgrade current fragile fluorescent rig lights at an affordable price point.”

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