Larson Electronics has announced today the release of an explosion proof fluorescent light that provides the versatility of high light output combined with the ability to continue operation in the event of power outages. The EPL-EMG-24-4L-T5HO Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light Fixture with emergency battery backup is approved Class 1 Division 1 and provides failsafe lighting that continues operation when power is cut.

The EPL-EMG-24-4L-T5HO explosion proof fluorescent light fixture from Larson Electronics fixtures features four lamps, UL certified hazardous location suitability, and a built in battery backup system for continued operation in the event of power failures. This explosion proof light fixture is designed to provide high light output and extremely reliable operation that is ideal for hazardous locations where quality illumination is required. Equipped with four T5HO fluorescent lamps, this light fixture produces 8,000 lumens of light output with a 5000K color temperature and color rendering index of 85, making it well suited to applications where accurate color rendering and clean detail contrasting is important to efficient operations.  The lamp housing is constructed of copper free aluminum for light weight and high strength, and aluminum alloy reflectors with high gloss finish provide efficient and even light distribution. Each lamp is protected by a Pyrex tube for safety and screw on end caps provide easier access for re-lamping as well as better protection and sealing than industry standard knock off caps. A built in emergency battery backup lighting system provides added versatility and allows this fixture to continue operating at reduced output in the event of power failures. This battery backup automatically maintains a full charge, and when power is unnaturally cut, takes over operation and runs the fixture using one lamp for a standard 90 minutes. This fixture is U.S./Canada UL approved for Class 1 Division 1 2 and Class 2 Division 1 2 hazardous location lighting, UL 1598 approved for wet marine locations, and is also certified for paint booth operation as well. The EPL-EMG-24-4L-T5HO is multi-voltage capable and works with currents ranging from 120 to 277 VAC. This is an ideal lighting solution for operators who require explosion proof compliance in a fixture that will provide the security of continued operation in the event of power failures.

“To keep work areas up to code, emergency lighting fixtures are required,” said Robert Bresnahan of Larson Electronics “This emergency backup fluorescent light works, mounts, and is wired like our EPL-24-4L fixtures. The EPL-EMG-24-4L provides work area illumination, but also meets the requirement for emergency egress.”

Larson Electronics produces a full range of industrial and commercial lighting equipment, explosion proof fluorescent lights, paint booth approved fluorescent lights, explosion proof LED lights, and portable work lights. To view the entire Larson Electronics line of industrial grade lighting solutions, visit them on the web at You can also call 1-800-369-6671 to learn more about all of Larson Electronics’ lighting products or call 1-214-616-6180 for international inquires.

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