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Our Mission: To provide useful, human-reviewed Directories of technology, practices, resources and vendors of measurement devices used to perform measurements in science and industry with daily news of products , services and advances.

Our Focus: provides selected and contributed daily news about measurement devices, their uses and developments as well as providing self-service submitted vendor directories and selected key resource links. All our information is logged to databases and they, in turn, are free and open and freely searchable.
Our network websites, listed just above as links, focus on related matters of CPFs, Meetings, Publications, Standards, Education Training, RD and in-depth device and technology database resources.

The most popular of our websites are on Temperature sensors, since they are not only the most widely used measurement devices, they are also most often misused.

The growing database at Directories already contains more than 200 commented links to online stories about successful temperature moisture sensor uses.

The two highly focused sites, IRWeb.INFO and links stories and key data resources on success in the area of most challenging temperature measurements, Thermal Infrared Radiation Thermometry and Infrared Thermography.

Temperature sensor detailed information is supplied in our leading Educational website, About Temperature Sensors.

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