The resident said: “Her mother was screaming. She said she had left her in her
buggy outside her house for a few moments while she went back inside to get
something. She said the wind had pushed the buggy over and a van had crashed
into her.

“A woman who was a passenger in the van came out and said the buggy just came
out of nowhere.”

The driver of the white Mercedes Sprinter panel van stopped at the scene and
called an ambulance. The injured girl was taken to St George’s Hospital,
Tooting, south London, but declared dead shortly after arrival. Her mother
was reported to be treated for shock.

The accident happened just after 8.45am on a road in Croydon, south London,
which provides access to a housing estate. As it is open at both ends vans
use it to turn around from the adjoining main road, neighbours said.

Residents said they saw the mangled buggy and a toy lying in the road. One
resident said: “The wind really rattles through when it picks up. I saw the
buggy on its side in the road, just on the corner. I heard it was taken over
by a gust.”

Sabrina Serrette, 33, a mother who lives nearby, said: “Louise is lovely and
her little girl was so beautiful. I have a two-year-old daughter and we’ve
chatted about our kids in the past.

“Her girl had gorgeous blonde hair, it was icicle white. Louise is a single
mum and works for a day-care centre, the same one her little girl goes to. I
am really shocked. It’s so tragic. My heart goes out to Louise.” She added
that she was a fantastic mother and “never would have taken any risks”.

Concerns had been raised about safety on the estate. Neighbours described the
road as a “danger spot” where only a small pavement separates front doors
from the road. William Messer, 72, said: “I was shocked. But at the same
time I am not surprised. I have informed the estate management company of
the dangers here for years.”

Police said a 36-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of causing death
by careless driving and was taken to a south London police station for
questioning. He has since been bailed.

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