A new publication from Hansford Sensors, the leading manufacturer of industrial vibration sensors, will help process and manufacturing engineers gain a better understanding of the latest ATEX directives.

Available as a free White Paper download from the Hansford Sensors’ web site, the new publication helps engineers understand the regulations implemented by the ATEX 95 Equipment Directive 94/9/EC and the ATEX 137 Workplace Directive 99/92/EC, and how these apply in different applications.

Titled ‘Confused about the ATEX Directives?’, the White Paper was co-authored with David Almond, Sales and Marketing Director at Pressure Vacuum Level Ltd. It addresses a number of common areas where errors in implementing the directives can occur and clarifies the zoning system for using ATEX registered products.

“As a manufacturer of ATEX approved products, we could see there was a pressing need to produce a simple guide on the important regulations that govern the use of electrical and mechanical components within hazardous areas,” said Chris Hansford, Managing Director, Hansford Sensors. “Fundamentally, the directives facilitate employee safety and any steps that can be taken to ensure this are of the utmost importance”.

To download the white paper follow the link below: http://www.hansfordsensors.com/assets/Uploads/Hansford-Sensors-ATEX-Directives-White-Paper-June-2013.pdf

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