Industrial lighting specialists Larson Electronics have released a two
foot long LED work light that provides higher output and greater
durability than standard incandescent and fluorescent work lights. The
EPL-FL1524-LED-120X12-C1D2-50 Hazardous Area LED Work Light offers
superior performance and durability and is certified for use in
hazardous locations.

The Larson Electronics EPL-FL1524-LED-120X12-C1D2-50 hazardous
area LED work light
is a powerful alternative to standard work
lights that offers higher efficiency and light output combined with
extreme durability. This light is designed similarly to standard
fluorescent drop lights, but offers improved performance and durability
through the inclusion of a 15 watt LED tube instead of a fragile
fluorescent tube. This light produces more light than standard 100 watt
incandescent drop lights, has no glass to break, has no filament, and
runs only slightly warm to the touch. The LED tube lamp is fitted within
an aluminum housing with molded rubber bumpers and an annealed
protective glass lens, giving this lamp exceptional durability. Combined
with the 50,000 hour long LED lifespan, this durability and longevity
makes this LED
work light
far more reliable than standard work lights. Larson
Electronics includes a Class 1 Division 2 inline transformer that steps
down standard 120 VAC input voltage to 12V. Finally, 50 feet of SOOW
cord fitted with an EPP-15A 15 amp explosion
proof plug
rounds out things and provides ample length for moving
about the work space. This explosion proof LED drop light is certified
for Class 1, Division 12, Class 2 Division 1, and Class 3 locations and
ideal for operators who need low voltage work lighting providing
exceptional light output as well as excellent reliability.

“The EPL-FL1524-LED-120X12-C1D2-50 is the newest addition to our group
of drop lights. This explosion proof trouble light gives operators the
ability to step down 120/277 to 12VDC or 24VDC via the inline C1D2
transformer to provide low voltage where required,” said Rob Bresnahan
with Larson Electronics’

Larson Electronics produces a wide range of intrinsically safe LED
lights, explosion proof LED work lights, portable LED lights, and LED
trouble lights. The entire Larson Electronics line of explosion proof
lighting can be viewed by visiting You can also call
1-800-369-6671 to learn more or call 1-214-616-6180 for international

Larson Electronics
Robert Bresnahan, 1-800-369-6671
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