LOVELAND, Colorado, June 23. COLORADO Time Systems (CTS), a global leader in precision aquatic timing and scoring, introduces their new Portable Wireless Water Polo Horn. This new wireless water polo horn offers many different options for facilities, a portable version, which can be placed anywhere on deck without any cables or wires in addition to a wall-mounted version.

“CTS recognized the need for an improved water polo horn that provided more portability and flexibility.” said Anita Sayed, CEO of Colorado Time Systems. “With this new horn it can be run at any location and facilities can customize it for their environment, meaning, add multiple horns to adjust for crowd noise and adjust the volume when needed.”

The wireless water polo horn can be connected to a Colorado Time Systems LED scoreboard and act as a wireless receiver. Which means, data sent from the Timing Console through a Sky-Fi Wireless Adapter is sent wirelessly to the horn. The horn wirelessly receives the data, sounds when called upon, and transmits the data to the scoreboard. The scoreboard then displays the data. The horn can also be connected directly to the Timing Console. The horn sounds when called upon, and also transmits the scoreboard data wirelessly to other wireless devices (Wireless Pace Clock/Shot, etc.).

About Colorado Time Systems (CTS): Based in Loveland, Colorado, Colorado Time Systems has evolved from being a division of Hewlett- Packard nearly 4 decades ago, into an independent global leader in aquatics sports precision timing scoring solutions, with installations in over 120 countries and used at several high profile world championships every year.

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