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Albuquerque retailer’s operations had come to a screeching halt several times due to copper wire theft until it installed a reliable wireless sensor network

LOUISVILLE, Colo., June 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Inovonics (, the industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks for commercial and life safety applications, said today it partnered with Armed Response Team (ART) to solve a persistent and costly security breech for an Albuquerque-based retailer, Accent Southwest Windows and Doors: copper wire theft.

The retailer was victimized four times in the past four years — the last two incidents just a month apart about a year ago. As a tenant, Accent Southwest did not have to pay for the loss of 100 yards of copper or some $7,500 in electrician fees that resulted from its most recent incident, but lost sales opportunities have cost in excess of $20,000 each time.

“We had no power and customers couldn’t see,” said Greg Noel, Accent Southwest’s Vice President. “We couldn’t ring up sales resulting in us being out of business.”

With the ongoing recession continuing to hit specific parts of the U.S., copper wire theft has become a way for individuals to make a living. Copper is the essential ingredient in power lines, heating and cooling pipes, and grounding wires