January 15th, 2012
by: Conner Flynn

A new car seat developed by the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology in Tokyo can automatically identify the person who is sitting on it. The seat uses a system of 360 pressure sensors that can remember what it feels like to be sat on by various people. So basically it is a butt recognition system.

japanese butt sensing seat

Tests have yielded a 98% percent recognition success rate. The data gets sent back to a laptop where it is aggregated into a reading of your specific butt. Then it can be used as the “key” to keep others from using your car.

japanese butt sensing seat 2

It might also alert you to the fact that you are gaining weight if it one day refuses to turn on the car. That will teach you to eat the entire bag of chips.

[via TechCrunch via Geekosysytem]

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