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An Afghan man pulls his son along a snowy Kabul street February 6. Temperatures in Afghanistan, as elsewhere in Central Asia, have been unusually l…

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By Asker Sultanov


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    BISHKEK – Kyrgyzstan is using only 20% of its water resources, said Member of Parliament Kanybek Imanaliyev February 10 in a public lecture on “Rational use of Kyrgyzstan’s hydro-power resources in the 21st century.”

    Tajikistan and other neighbours consume 80% of Kyrgyzstan’s water resources, he contended.

    If Kyrgyzstan manages its water properly, he said, it could sell to water-short Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Last year, he and other lawmakers asked the government to formulate a water management strategy, but “we haven’t gotten an answer yet,” he said.

    The Kyrgyz also need measures that local officials can enact in the provinces, he said. “Many irrigation ditches are obstructed (with litter), so we lose 17% of the water,” he said. “We also need to renovate urban water pipes. Eighty per cent of (those) pipes are worn out.”