If Martha Stewart is the brain of the middle-class ‘stay at home mom’ style
American woman, Oprah is her heart. She’s a mother, even though she does not
have any children of her own. She’s almost the conscience of America, so
when Oprah says something, she is trusted (she is credited with giving Obama
a million votes in the 2008 election simply by stating she supported him).
So everybody who’s anybody wants
to confess to Oprah
even the exceedingly strange beast that is
Lance Armstrong.

In his much
publicised interview with Winfrey
finally broadcast
the Tour de France cheating cycling
champion did what he had always said he would not do – he admitted to doping
in order to win.

Armstrong confesses, unrepentantly, to Winfrey

Perhaps the most unrepentant sportsperson in history, it was only Oprah that
was ever going to be good enough for this seemingly sociopathic narcissist –
after all, an ‘exclusive Oprah special’ is the sine qua non of confessional
TV, and he knows it.

She got what she wanted out of him, and although it may not be enough for the
hardcore cycling fans, she revealed far more of his unappealing personality
than a straightforward apology would ever have. To be honest, he didn’t
deserve her.

Lance Armstrong didn’t deserve the Oprah Winfrey treatment – Telegraph.co.uk
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