Oprah’s yes-and-no round ensured the interview peaked after two minutes. Clear potential for a new quickfire celebrity confessional format.


Oprah teasing out this admission – “I was a bully … I was a bully in the sense that you just … I tried to control the narrative” – then failing to spot Armstrong controlling the rest of the narrative. He divided the session into show-and-tell: part one a display of wounded narcissism; part two a direct admission: “I’m narcissistic.”


Good Lance versus Bad Lance – an all‑American hero tainted by an independent inner-doper. Reacting to seeing a clip of his 2005 doping denial, Armstrong told Oprah: “I don’t like that guy. That is a guy who felt invincible … that guy is still there.”


Armstrong’s “sense of humour”. After repeatedly refusing to discuss his relationship with Betsy Andreu – the wife of team-mate Frankie Andreu who overheard him discussing doping, and who he tried to ruin. He shared a phone conversation they had, which he found funny. “I said, ‘Listen, I called you crazy. I called you a bitch, I called you all these things, but I never called you fat.’ Because she thought I said, ‘You were a fat crazy bitch’. And I said, ‘Betsy, I never said you were fat.'”


“I’ve lost all future income. You could look at that day and a half when people [sponsors] left. That was a $75m day. Gone. Gone. And probably never coming back.”


Paramount Pictures confirmed plans for a biopic, based on New York Times reporter Juliet Macur’s upcoming book “Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong.” US reports said: “No director, writer, star or start date have yet been set.”


With hashtags #Doprah, #LiveWrong and #LieStrong doing well, @WickChris offered: “Lance Armstrong sends a powerful message to the kids of America: don’t do drugs and cheat unless you want to be rich and go on Oprah.” @MensHumor went with “Remember in “Dodgeball” when Armstrong gives a speech to Vince Vaughn? If I knew he was lying, I would’ve rooted for Globo Gym to win.” But @d_whitehouse came up with the most retweeted gag: “Lance Armstrong should be applauded for being able to ride a bike so well on drugs. I tried it once. Hit a dog and fell into the canal. “

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