Larson Electronics has released a corrosion resistant three lamp light fixture designed for hazardous location use that fills the gap between two and four lamp explosion proof lights. Featuring heavy duty corrosion resistant materials and three, 4 foot long tube lamps, the HALP-48-3L Hazardous Area Fluorescent Light Fixture provides operators with a more powerful alternative to 2 lamp fixtures.

The HALP-48-3L hazardous area fluorescent light from Larson Electronics is a corrosion resistant explosion proof lighting solution that gives operators more powerful output than standard 2 lamp fixtures and a smaller mounting profile than 4 lamp fixtures. This three lamp fixture features a fiberglass reinforced polyester housing that is lightweight, highly durable, corrosion resistant, making it well suited to wet marine conditions where salt water can wreak havoc on metallic fixtures. The lens cover is an acrylic diffuser type that seals to the housing with a poured in silicone gasket and stainless steel latches, adding further durability and protection against wet conditions. The lamp assembly consists of three T5HO fluorescent tubes for high output and efficiency. This fixture offers an excellent compromise between fixture size and increased output by providing three tubes in the same size housing as a standard two lamp fixture. The flat surface flange mounting design that allows operators to simply screw or bolt the fixture to any flat surface. This explosion proof light fixture is multi-voltage capable for added versatility and can be operated on 120-277VAC. Output for this fixture totals out at 15,000 lumens and is ideal for close work and detail oriented tasks. Carrying a T4A temp rating, Class 1 Division 2 approval, and UL 1598A Marine Type compliance, this HAZLOC fixture is well suited for wet locations and offshore operations.

“The HALP-48-3L was designed to handle marine environments with their wet and corrosive conditions,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ “Producing up to 15,000 lumen, operators requiring fixtures for damp locations will find the HALP-48-3L a good match for petrochemical facilities, processing plants and marine loading docks.”

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