Larson Electronics has announced the release of an explosion proof LED light designed to provide the operational benefits of LED lighting technology combined with the reliability of failsafe operation. The EPL-EMG-48-2L-LED-G2 Explosion Proof LED Emergency Light is fitted with second generation LED tubes for enhanced output and longevity, and features a built in battery backup system for continued operation even in the event of complete power failures and outages.

Kemp, Texas (PRWEB) May 28, 2013

The Larson Electronics EPL-EMG-48-2L-LED-G2 explosion proof emergency LED light is a powerful and reliable lighting solution for operators who require effective illumination in locations where failsafe operation is needed. This LED light fixture offers enhanced light output through the addition of improved second generation LED tubes that produce 30% more foot candles of light at eight feet as compared to T8 fluorescent tubes when measured by an Extech light meter. These LED tubes provide longer service life as well, with a 50,000 hour operational life as compared to the average 20,000 hour life provided by fluorescent bulbs, and much greater durability and resistance to damage from vibrations and impacts. The fixture housing on these units is constructed from copper free aluminum for strength and light weight, and heavy gauge aluminum reflectors with a high gloss finish provide excellent light spread and direction. Because these units utilize LED tubes rather than fluorescent, they do not require a ballast, making the fixture lighter and more reliable. These fixtures are fitted with an internal battery backup system that adds further reliability and functionality as well by allowing the fixture to continue operating in the event of a power failure. These units normally operate from standard 120-277 VAC current. When power to the fixture is abnormally cut as happens during power failures, the battery backup system automatically takes over and continues to power the light for 90 minutes or until power is restored. Once power returns, the internal backup system recharges the internal battery and returns it to a fully charged and ready state. Larson Electronics also offers these units in 12/24 Volt DC configurations, allowing them to also be used in low voltage lighting applications. The mounting system is straightforward and consists of two angle adjustable surface mount brackets that allow operators to adjust the angle of the fixture while mounting to direct the light were it is most needed. Also available are pendant mounts for applications where more clearance is needed. The EPL-EMG-48-2L-LED-G2 is US and Canada UL approved Class 1 Division 1 2 and Class 2 Division 1 2 for areas where flammable chemical/petrochemical vapors exist and is paint booth certified as well. This explosion proof light is ideal for petrochemical facilities, paint booth and adhesive application facilities, offshore oil platforms, and just about anywhere a reliable source of hazardous location lighting with failsafe protection is desired.

“The EPL-EMG-48-2L-LED-G2 provides a cost effective emergency lighting solution,” said Robert Bresnahan of Larson Electronics “This explosion proof light fixture combined the longevity and durability of LED lamps with an emergency battery backup system for power outage. During power outages, the battery backup will illuminate one lamp at 900 lumens for up to 90 minutes. This provides visibility for employees to safely exit the work area, or for operators to switch to alternative backup power sources without being in the dark.”

Larson Electronics produces a full range of industrial and commercial lighting equipment, explosion proof LED work lights, hazardous locations lights, intrinsically safe lighting, and LED work lights. To view the entire Larson Electronics line of industrial grade lighting solutions, visit them on the web at You can also call 1-800-369-6671 to learn more about all of Larson Electronics’ lighting products or call 1-214-616-6180 for international inquires.

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