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KEMP, Texas, May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Larson Electronics has announced today the release of an explosion proof fluorescent light designed to provide high output and battery powered operation in the event of power failures. The HALP-EMG-48-2L-T8 Class 1 Division 2 Emergency Fluorescent Light is designed to withstand corrosive environments and runs on universal 120-277 VAC power during normal operation, but can run for 90 minutes on backup battery power in the event of power failures.


The HALP-EMG-48-2L-T8 Class 1 Division 2 emergency fluorescent light is designed as a rugged solution to the need for emergency operation capable explosion proof approved illumination in hazardous locations where corrosion and wetness are an issue. This unit is designed to look and operate the same as standard explosion proof fluorescent lights, but incorporates corrosion resistant construction and a built in battery backup system that provides added durability and functionality. Under normal operating conditions this light runs from standard 120-277 VAC electrical current, but when power is abnormally cut, such as with a blackout or plant wide power failure, the emergency battery backup automatically kicks in and runs the light for 90 minutes at reduced output. Once power is restored, the built in battery system automatically recharges and returns to a ready state for the next potential power loss. This industrial grade light is also designed for use in wet and corrosive environments where damaging rust and corrosion is an issue. The fixture body is constructed of glass reinforced polyester with a poured in gasket, making it impervious to the effects of corrosive chemicals and water. An acrylic lens which also acts as a diffuser helps provide even light distribution and is secured with stainless steel latches for easy access to the lamps and added protection against corrosion. The lamps in this unit are 2-two foot long T8 fluorescent bulbs, which provide highly efficient operation as well as high output and good color qualities. These two bulbs produce a combined total of 5,900 lumens of light output and offer an excellent operational life of 24,000 hours, making them more effective and economical than shorter lived obsolete fluorescent bulbs. With today’s new energy standards now phasing out the older style T12 lamps, the T8 meets regulatory requirements and will remain available for quite some time into the future as a result, making this light more practical as well. This explosion proof light is approved for Class 1 Division 2 locations and carries UL 1598A Marine Type approval as well, making it an ideal lighting solution for offshore applications such as oil platforms and marina services as well as standard onshore industrial and commercial processing and manufacturing facilities and anywhere Class 1 Division 2 protection against hazardous vapors and gases is required.

“To keep work areas up to code, emergency lighting fixtures are required,” said Robert Bresnahan of Larson Electronics “This emergency backup fluorescent light works, mounts, and is wired like our HALP-48-2L fixtures. The HALP-EMG-48-2L-T8 provides work area illumination, but also meets the requirement for emergency egress.”

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