Larson Electronics has announced the release of a powerful, intrinsically safe, LED blasting gun light designed to withstand abusive conditions and provide convenient cord free operation. Providing intrinsically safe approval and high resistance to the abusive conditions of media blasting operations, this battery powered blasting light is ideal for applications where operators need a hands free light source that can illuminate the work surface while cutting through dusty conditions.

Kemp, TX 75143 (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

The BLG-LED-4 intrinsically safe blasting gun light from Larson Electronics provides a powerful LED light beam capable of cutting through the dusty conditions produced by media blasting operations in order to effectively illuminate the work surface. This LED blasting light is designed to be mounted to any standard blasting gun and features battery powered operation for convenient cord free operation and a replaceable heavy duty protective lens to protect the lamp assembly against the damaging effects of media blasting. Features include a heavy duty mounting system which includes all the necessary mounting hardware, a replaceable protective lens, 4 watt LED lamp producing 90 lumens, Class 1, Division 1 Groups A,B,C,D, Class 2, Division 1 Groups E,F,G approval, and international IECEx Exia IIC T4 iaD T135C Ga, Da and ATEX II1GD Exia IIC T4 iaD T135C approvals. This LED blasting light is battery powered, so no cords are necessary, and provides up to 80 hours of operation on a single set of AAA size alkaline batteries. It can be easily mounted to any standard blasting gun, and a spring loaded quick change lens systems allows operators to simply pull the old lens out as it becomes clouded and insert a fresh lens, even while wearing work gloves. The beam produced by the LED light assembly is intense and tightly focused, giving it the power to cut through the dusty and grimy conditions created while operating a blasting gun and illuminate the work surface for precise and effective aiming and control. The mounting assembly is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel hardware for light weight and durability, and the lamp housing is constructed of high impact nylon for resistance to impacts and vibrations. A rubber push button switch provides easy on/off operation, and the entire lamp assembly is watertight to resist damp and wet conditions. This LED blasting gun light is a powerful yet compact solution for operators who are tired of the cumbersome and annoying cords and hardware normally associated with blasting gun lights, and provides the high performance needed to perform reliably in demanding work conditions.

“We are continuously looking for ways to make life easier for blasting operators and the BLG-LED eliminates cords that tether the blaster to some type of transformer or power supply,” said Rob Bresnahan with “Any time you can reduce complexity and parts, you lower the total cost of ownership, since maintenance and replacement parts’ issues disappear.”

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