Larson Electronics has announced the release of a powerful yet low profile fluorescent light designed to provide high quality illumination in areas deemed hazardous locations.

Featuring low profile mounting, four high output fluorescent bulbs for excellent light distribution and quality, and approval for paint booth use, the EPL-24-96 Low Profile Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light is an ideal solution for operators who need high quality illumination while working in environments where flammable gases and vapors are encountered.

The Larson Electronics EPL-24-96 four lamp explosion proof fluorescent light fixture offers a compact yet powerful source of illumination that provides high quality light output while also meeting hazardous location requirements for Class 1 Division 1, Class 1 Division 2, and Class 2 Division 1 2 locations.

Designed to provide high output along with even coverage and very good light quality, this 2 foot long, four bulb fluorescent light fixture produces 8,000 lumens of light output with a 4100k color temperature. This explosion proof fluorescent light is approved for paint booth lighting use as well, and with its four standard T5HO lamps providing excellent output and good color rendering qualities, it provides the light quality needed for maintaining the quality of finishes and coating applied within the spray booth.

The EPL-24-96 is designed for low profile mounting and measures only four feet long, making it a good choice for operators who want a less obtrusive fixture that still provides high output and even coverage. Low profile fixture designs are particularly popular with paint booth operators due to their ability to be more easily mounted within recesses or sealed off from the room.

This fixture also features copper free aluminum construction for light weight and durability, Pyrex lamp tubes, high gloss aluminum reflector assemblies, and screw on end covers that make relamping easier and more secure than with typical “knock off” end covers.
Larson Electronics also offers different lamp options to allow operators to tailor the fixtures’ light output to their particular needs, although operators should check to verify how lamp options may affect paint booth and classification suitability when specifying optional lamp choices.

The ballast in this fluorescent light fixture is sealed and is designed to allow operation with a universal range of voltages including 120V-60hz, 220V-50hz, 240V-60hz, and 277V-60hz. This explosion proof light is also UL 844, 924, UL 1598 Marine Type, and UL 595 Outdoor Marine Type approved, making it well suited to offshore and marine based applications such as oil rig or marina use.

The fixture carries a T6 temperature rating and has a maximum case temperature of 90C, is California Title 24 Compliant, and ideal for any industrial or commercial application where even coverage and high output is required and flammable vapors and gases may be encountered.

“The EPL-24-96 Class 1 and Class 2 Division 1 fluorescent light can be used in any hazardous area, including paint spray booths,” said Rob Bresnahan with “This compact form factor still has high bay power, featuring four 2-foot T5HO bulbs, delivering 10,000 lumens in a 2 foot form factor. This makes it ideal for applications where mounting space is limited but operators need significant illumination. There is nothing else like it on the market today.”