KEMP, Texas

Leading explosion proof lighting manufacturer Larson Electronics has
announced the release of a cart mounted explosion proof light fixture
designed for high output and versatile maneuverability. The
EPLC-24-4L-LED Explosion Proof LED Light Cart features a high power,
four bulb LED light fixture mounted to a light weight wheeled aluminum

The EPLC-24-4L-LED
explosion proof LED light cart
from Larson Electronics is a
maneuverable lighting system that provides high quality illumination for
applications where even light distribution is critical to achieving high
quality finishes. This system features a wheeled aluminum cart fitted
with a four tube explosion proof LED fixture mounted on a swivel bracket
that allows 270 degrees of fixture rotation. The wheeled cart is built
for rugged use with corrosion resistant aluminum alloy construction and
solid wheels for easy maneuvering of the system. This lighting system is
ideal for areas where standard lighting is inadequate, and can even be
rolled under vehicles on lifts to provide underbody illumination. Larson
Electronics also includes 50 feet of SOOW cord fitted with a straight
blade explosion proof plug and an inline explosion
proof switch
to allow operators to control operation while within
the hazardous area. This versatile LED light cart carries Class 1
Division 12 and Class 2 Division 12 certification, paint spray booth
approval, and is an ideal lighting solution for operators who need high
quality lighting in a versatile yet HAZLOC compliant system.

“Operators of paint spray booths are looking for a simple, manageable
way to position bright, white explosion proof lighting where they need
it,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’
“This wheeled cart enables operators to move a 75 pound paint spray
booth light around easily and position it beside or even beneath the
object they are painting. The LED light fixture carries UL Class 1 and
Class 2 ratings and a paint spray booth rating.”

Larson Electronics carries explosion proof LED lights, hazardous
location lights, intrinsically safe LED lights, and intrinsically safe
LED trouble lights. You can view Larson Electronics’ entire line of
explosion proof lighting by visiting them at You can
also call 1-800-369-6671 to learn more about all of Larson Electronics’
lighting products or call 1-214-616-6180 for international inquires.


Larson Electronics
Robert Bresnahan, 1-800-369-6671
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