/PRNewswire/ — Larson Electronics announced the release of the EPL-SL-8X4FT-LED explosion proof LED string light which can be used in conjunction with the MMH-5 magnetic mounting base.  This eight light string can be used in Class 1 and Class 2 Division 1 areas and each hand lamp’s top hook can be affixed to a 200 pound grip magnetic base for overhead task lighting.

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Larson Electronics’ Magnalight announced the addition of an EPL-SL-8X4FT-LED explosion proof LED string light with eight LED trouble lights that can be used in hazardous areas rated Class 1 and Class 2 Division 1.  An optional MMH-5 magnetic base mount is available that operators can attach to any metallic surface, so that each individual LED hand lamp can be affixed via the top hook to the magnetic base.  This is particularly useful when operators are working in tanks without the benefit of scaffolding or ladders to hook the light too. Moreover, by using the magnetic bases, operators can position the Class 1 and Class 2 LED hand lamps exactly where needed for task lighting.

“Our LED string lights are becoming popular because we can customize the length of cable between each hand lamp and the length of the drop for each LED light,” said Rob Bresnahan with LarsonElectronics.com.  “The LED lights themselves deliver a workable light radius of more than 10 feet, where a standard incandescent hand lamp is only effective to a radius of 5 feet.  Finally, the durability of the LED is such that operators don’t need to stop and change out the bulb every time the hand lamp takes a jolt or is dropped, which should save time and money, while increasing safety.”

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight produces a wide range of portable explosion proof LED lighting, including string lights, flashlights and cart mounted lighting solutions for hazardous location areas.  You can learn more about Larson Electronics at Magnalight.com or contact 1-800-369-6671 (1-903-498-3363 international) or [email protected] 

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