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KEMP, Texas, May 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Larson Electronics has announced today it has released a new hazardous location LED designed to provide the same functionality and mounting as traditional fluorescent fixtures but with improved performance and reliability. Featuring improved LED tube lamps and built in emergency battery backup, the EPL-EMG-48-4L-LED-G2 is ideal for operators who need powerful illumination and the ability to maintain lighting in the event of power failures.


The Larson Electronics EPL-EMG-48-4L-LED-G2 explosion proof emergency LED light  is an ideal lighting solution for operators who want a improved source of hazardous location compliant lighting capable of providing emergency operation during conditions where power may be abruptly interrupted. This LED light fixtures is U.S./Canada U.L. approved Class 1 Division 1 2 and Class 2 Division 1 2 for use in areas where flammable chemical and petrochemical vapors are present and carries paint spray booth light certification with a T6 temperature rating as well. The housing is formed from copper free aluminum for light weight and high strength and features heavy gauge aluminum reflectors with a high gloss finish for durability and excellent light dispersal. Since these fixtures utilize LED tube lamps rather than standard fluorescent tubes there is no ballast, and instead a battery backup system has been installed to provide greater functionality. The battery backup system in these units is fully automatic and maintains the onboard battery at a fully charged state during normal operation. When power is cut such as during a blackout, the emergency power backup automatically kicks in and powers the light for the UL standard of 90 minutes or until normal power is restored. Once power returns, the unit goes back to normal operating mode and recharges the battery to a ready state. The four LED tubes in this fixture measure four feet long and are second generation models that produce 30% more foot candles of illumination at 8 feet as measured by an Extech light meter than typical T8 tubes. These LED tubes also offer better efficiency and operational life, and are rated at 50,000 hours of operation compared to the normal 20,000 for standard fluorescent tubes. This means this unit will produce more light using less power, and will require less servicing than a standard fluorescent fixture. This explosion proof light looks and mounts similarly to standard fluorescent fixtures and comes standard with bracket mounts that can be attached to flat surfaces and mounting platforms and adjusted to change the mounting angle of the fixture. These lights run from standard 120-277 VAC universal voltages for versatile connections and are also available in 12/24 volt DC configurations for use with low voltages. The EPL-EMG-48-4L-LED-G2 explosion proof LED light  is an ideal solution for operators in hazardous locations such as water treatment plants and petrochemical processing facilities who desire a lighting system capable of not only producing effective illumination, but continued illumination in the event of emergencies where power becomes unavailable.

“The EPL-EMG-48-4L-LED-G2 provides a cost effective emergency lighting solution,” said Robert Bresnahan of Larson Electronics “This explosion proof light fixture combined the longevity and durability of LED lamps with an emergency battery backup system for power outage. During power outages, the battery backup will illuminate one lamp at 900 lumens for up to 90 minutes. This provides visibility for employees to safely exit the work area, or for operators to switch to alternative backup power sources without being in the dark.”

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