IET, North West Midlands Network – 26th January at 7pm.

Ruxton Technology Centre, Room F14, Beaconside Stafford Campus, Staffordshire University, ST18 0AD

IET, Shropshire Network – 7th February at 7pm.
Shrewsbury College of Arts and Tech., Shrewsbury. SY2 6PR

These FREE OF CHARGE evening lectures are the last of the current series for the regional networks of the IET. They will describe and then demonstrate how lasers, smart cameras, 3D scanners and optical ASICs (application specific IC’s) are the latest technologies used to achieve robust, reliable sensors for detection identification, or machine safety applications.

The lecture will explain the basic principles of operation of optical sensors and the wide range of types and specifications that are available. Advice will be given of what factors need to be considered to select the correct sensor for an application in the real world of industry.

Barcode 2D code reading systems will be explained and the differences between laser based or vision based systems will be explained. Lasers will also feature in an introduction to machine safety using optical sensing in light curtains or laser scanning.

The evening will conclude by showing the latest product developments and how optical sensors have advanced to overcome the challenges of industry including a demonstration of 3D sensing and vision systems.

Come along and play with our conveyor built out of Lego and relive your childhood.

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