“Public Concern at Work have agreed to take over the role, temporarily filled
by Kate Parminter, as the main point of contact for anyone wishing to come
forward with further allegations or information.”

Mr Gordon added: “Please be assured that if you have already contacted Kate
Parminter, she will continue to support you and pass on information to the
two investigations as instructed by you. There is no need to repeat this
process with Public Concern at Work, unless you would like to do so.”

Tamasin Cave, a spokesman from SpinWatch, earlier described having Lady
Parminter in charge of the address as “seriously flawed”.

She said: “Whistleblowers need to feel that they can speak to someone in
confidence. How can they, if the confidant is so intimately tied to the
system? For people to feel they can come forward, this has to be more

Before the announcement about Public Concern, Lady Parminter told The Daily
Telegraph that it was a “matter of public record” that she was married to Mr

She said she was in charge of the whistleblowing system “at the moment” and
had been personally asked to do the role by Tim Gordon, the party’s chief

She declined to say how many people – if any – had sent messages to the email
account since it was set up last Friday.

When it was set up last week Mr Gordon said: “The party’s whistle blowing
representative, Kate Parminter, has agreed to be a single point of contact
for all those wishing to contribute to either review.

“Kate can be contacted at [email protected] She is the only person
with access to this email and all complaints will be dealt with on a
strictly confidential basis.”

Lord Rennard: Lib Dems bring in private firm to run whistle blowing system after … – Telegraph.co.uk
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