Monday 29 July 2013

Maori Party – ‘The land is
where the value lies’

The Maori Party has labelled
Shearer’s new policy aimed at restricting foreigners from
purchasing houses as ‘lip-service’, and has challenged
the Labour Party to commit to real action to protect the
assets of Aotearoa by extending their policies to prevent
the sale of land and strategic assets into all and any
foreign ownership.

“The Maori Party have a clear
policy on land ownership, we must protect and preserve our
land to keep it from falling into foreign ownership. The
Labour Party’s housing policy, which would restrict
foreigners from purchasing houses, is nonsensical as it
discriminates against which foreigners it exempts and does
nothing to protect the asset of true value to the people of
Aotearoa – the land.”

“On one hand the Labour
Party want to limit the purchase of residential property by
overseas investors, but on the other they promote and
support the free trade agenda which is entirely about easing
rules for foreigners to do business, and invest in New
Zealand assets.”

“There are other ways to do
business with countries overseas which protect the
rangatiratanga of New Zealanders over our resources. We
think that both the Labour Party and the National Party have
a duty to look at how we can protect our resources before
they advance investment agreements such as the TPPA.”

“The Maori Party want to see our strategic assets
protected, we want to know that our whenua will not be sold
off under our feet. Tangata whenua have an intrinsic
relationship with our lands and waters, and we have also had
a long history of fighting for land rights – we know the
value of this resource, and the need to protect it for our
future generations.”

“Housing affordability is a
major issue in New Zealand, but preventing the sale of
houses to overseas investors does not fix the problem. We
need to tackle this issue on a wide front which includes
both ensuring New Zealanders have jobs, and are earning a
fair living wage, as well as increasing housing supply and
stability in the housing market. There are also wider issues
that impact on housing affordability such as ensuring people
are supported to reduce debt levels, increase savings, and
that economic development is spread around the

“Labour’s policy is another political
stunt, and will not address the major issue of housing
affordability. If they were serious about addressing the
impact of globalisation on New Zealand they would move to
protect our lands, our waters, and our resources – that is
what the Maori Party policy is.”

“Our message to
Shearer is this – don’t talk to us about protecting
vulnerable whanau unless you are prepared to put your policy
where your mouth is.”


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