“A few minutes later three paramedics arrived at the scene and continued to
carry out further CPR. Around 20 minutes later the man was declared dead at
the scene by the paramedics.”

Customers have spoken of their shock at the turn of events. David Walker, 54,
who had gone into the bookies to bet on foreign football matches, found two
men subduing the suspect and assumed it was a fight.

Mr Walker said: “When I walked in they were on the floor. They were scuffling
but I just thought it was a fight. There were two men, customers I think, on
top of him and the bloke on the floor.

“The staff were behind the counter and an old man was standing around. The
bloke from behind the counter told me they weren’t taking any bets and I had
to go. I didn’t see their faces as they were holding the guy down at the
back of the shop.

“They said someone came in to rob the place. I couldn’t see any mask. I
couldn’t see his face. There were no physical movements, they were just
holding him down.”

Ivor Green, 67, from West Park, said he was not surprised at all that the
customers had leapt to the defence of the staff.

“They would do that in a shop like this, it is our betting shop,” he said. “The
staff become your friends, it’s a little family, and it’s no different to a
member of your family being threatened. The guys in there would be
protective of them.

Scenes of Crime officers remained at the scene into the night as a full
investigation into the incident was launched.

Forensics experts wearing protective clothing have been working inside the
building, which remained taped off into the early hours of Saturday morning.
A HM Coroner van was seen leaving the scene shortly before 11pm on Friday

The man has been identified but next of kin have not yet been informed, police

Chief Inspector Ian Drummond-Smith said: “This is a very serious incident. We
cannot speculate on what has actually taken place here.

“A full investigation has now begun and while the IPCC carry out their
investigation it is not appropriate to comment further.”

The two storey Ladbrokes remained closed on Saturday as uniformed police stood
guard. A spokesperson for the betting chain said: “We’re assisting police
with their investigation and it would be inappropriate to speculate any
further at this time.”

Masked armed robber dies after being pinned down during betting shop raid – Telegraph.co.uk
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