15ri7epz Motion Sensor Sleeve Put to Use in Monitoring Manual Assembly OperationsResearchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation have developed a sleeve with built-in motion sensors to record hand and arm movements. Three sensors are integrated into the sleeve and by combining the information acquired by these sensors, one can measure the start and end of individual actions, such as reaching or grasping.

The purpose of this device is to better monitor and organize manual assembly operations. Using the motion sensor technology, manual procedures can be timed automatically. Industrial manufacturers analyze and optimize their employees’ operations continually in order to remain competitive.

To be monitored with the system, workers should wear two sleeves.  Currently the system can only monitor five individuals simultaneously, but the goal is to monitor several workplaces at the same time. Another aim is to put the sensors to use to detect posture and analyze workplace ergonomics.

Link: Time Recording Up One’s Sleeve…