CAMBRIDGE, UK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Neul today announced the release of an ATEX-compliant NeulNET white
space communications system designed and approved for use in hazardous
environments. NeulNET provides machine-to-machine or IP data
communications to the oil and gas industry, petrochemical plants,
drilling rigs and more.

“We’re pleased to expand our range of NeulNET white space communications
products with this ATEX-compliant CPE.”

The system, composed of the NeulNET 3010 base station, NeulNET base
station controller and multiple NeulNET 401 Zone 2 customer premises
equipment (CPEs) can provide long range, non-line-of-sight
communications networks in potentially explosive, harsh, wet and
corrosive environments. The entire system is controlled using the Neul
OMC, an easy-to-use, comprehensive cloud-based operations and management
system. The NeulNET system makes it easy for customers to set up and
manage white space radio networks to support a host of applications that
make up the Internet of things.

The NeulNET system communicates using TV white space spectrum: high
quality sub-GHz UHF frequencies offering outstanding propagation
characteristics. The NeulNET system is able to make use of all of these
newly available radio channels, adapting modulation forward error
correction (FEC) automatically to provide the best possible throughput
for a given communications link. This means that, unlike existing
unlicensed systems, NeulNET is capable of long-range, non-line-of-sight
(NLOS), ubiquitous wide area connectivity. By deploying or using a Neul
cellular network, customers benefit from unrivalled geographic coverage,
increased network capacity and dramatically reduced costs.

“We’re pleased to expand our range of NeulNET white space communications
products with this ATEX-compliant CPE.” said Ben Peters, Vice President
of Marketing at Neul. “Providing effective communications technology for
hazardous environments is critical for many of our clients. With a wide
range of applications in varying sectors, from oil and gas to chemical
plants, NeulNET communications systems help deliver safety and
efficiency improvements by connecting with that which was previously
unreachable and delivering resilience with existing communications

Based on the Weightless™ standard for white space radio networking, it
uses state-of-the-art techniques to filter out interference from
powerful TV transmitters, while eliminating unwanted emissions that
could cause problems for existing licensed users of the band. As a
result, NeulNET can take advantage of the entire UHF TV white space band
while complying with stringent FCC regulations.

The new ATEX-compliant NeulNET system is currently available for
purchase and will be on display in the Neul exhibit, booth #120 at the
Entelec Spring Conference in Houston April 9-11.

About Neul

Founded in Cambridge, UK in 2010 by the core team responsible for
building Europe’s most successful fabless semiconductor company, CSR;
Neul, Ltd. develops innovative and disruptive wireless network
technology dedicated to connecting the world of machines. Neul is the
first to deploy white space wireless network technology based on the
royalty-free, open network standard, Weightless, and the first to
develop a single chip white space transceiver. The Neul vision is to
bring about a revolution in the way devices and applications
communicate, enabling the Internet of everything. Neul has offices in
Cambridge, UK and Sunnyvale, California. Visit
for more information.