The EchoPod DL34 is the latest addition to FlowLine’s series of general purpose, non-contact ultrasonic level sensors, extending the EchoPod measurement range from 3m to 5.5m. Similar to other EchoPod level sensors, the DL34 combines switch, control and measurement capabilities in one package, providing a total solution for level control and automation whilst minimising tank system hardware

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The EchoPod DL34 offers the benefits of ultrasonic level measurement in a small package, with automatic temperature compensation, high accuracy, no moving or exposed parts and low maintenance. Its compact design allows for installation where there are limited mounting options and space. The DL34 also combines four internal programmable relays, a 4-20mA analog output and pump/valve control in a single sensor.

The EchoPod DL34’s design and performance capabilities position it well for medium to large tank applications focused on control or process automation. Additionally, with its rugged PVDF transducer and polycarbonate enclosure, the DL34 is well suited for corrosive, dirty or hazardous applications as well as water.

If required, the EchoPod DL34 may be user configured via WebCal PC user interface software using an optional FOB interface module (which can configure multiple sensors). Configuration files can be easily created, saved, copied into one or more units, emailed or modified. Level indication can be monitored via a local display or controlled through a PLC.

The complete Flowline EchoPod range of ultrasonic level sensors including the DL34 is available from icenta Controls.

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