Inc., a global leader in MEMS inertial sensor design and manufacturing,
today announced its second-generation gyro, the KGY23—a 3-axis, 4 x 4 x
0.9mm sensor that features low power, low noise, flexible output ranges,
and excellent bias stability over temperature.

“The improved KGY23 is the result of our engineering depth and
experience coupled with fantastic customer feedback”

Aimed at the consumer market, the KGY23 features:

  • Operating current consumption of 3.75 mA, a 40% decrease over its
    predecessor gyro, the KGY13;
  • A wide, user-programmable, full-scale range of ±256, ±512, ±1024, and
    ±2048 °/sec;
  • I2C or SPI digital serial interface bus communication;
  • Noise density of .30 deg/sec/√Hz, an impressively sharp 77% decrease
    over previous performance figures of the KGY13;
  • User-definable bandwidth via a control register of 10, 20, 40, 160 Hz;
  • An embedded temperature sensor that ensures a fast 50ms power-up time;
  • An internal 1024 byte FIFO buffer to accumulate data and efficiently
    transmit it to the customers’ external applications processor; and
  • Access to supply voltages between 2.6V and 3.3V and digital
    communication voltages between 1.8V and 3.3V.

“The improved KGY23 is the result of our engineering depth and
experience coupled with fantastic customer feedback,” said Scott Miller,
vice president of engineering, Kionix. “As the industry pushes for
smaller MEMS sensor products, Kionix is meeting the challenge to shrink
device package size while elevating performance.”

The MEMS tri-axis gyroscope market will see extraordinary growth in the
coming months as more consumer products require its capabilities for
applications such as user interface, gaming and navigation. According to
Richard Dixon, principal analyst, MEMS Sensors, IHS iSuppli, “Revenue
for the tri-axis gyro will nearly triple in 2011, reaching $420 million
in 2011, up from $127 million in 2010. Smartphones are helping to drive
this impressive growth. 29% will include a gyroscope, up from just 13%
last year.”

Dixon added that gyroscopes will generate the second-highest revenue
among consumer and mobile MEMS in 2011, second only to accelerometers.

With the KGY23, Kionix is well positioned to take advantage of the
growing demand for the next generation of sensor applications.


The KGY23 is targeted to begin sampling to qualified customers in Q1
2012. It is available in a 24-pin 4 x 4 x 0.9mm LGA package. For more
information, please email: [email protected]
or contact the Kionix
sales office
nearest you.

About Kionix

Kionix, Inc., located in Ithaca, New York, USA, is a wholly owned
subsidiary of ROHM
Co., Ltd.
of Japan. The Company pioneered high-aspect-ratio
silicon micromachining based on research originally conducted at Cornell
University and today enjoys a global reputation for MEMS product design,
process engineering and quality manufacturing. Consumer electronics
leaders worldwide utilize Kionix’s products, development tools and
application support to enable motion-based gaming; user-interface
functionality in mobile handsets, personal navigation and TV remote
controllers; and hard-disk-drive drop protection in mobile products.
Kionix’s MEMS products are further diversified into the automotive,
industrial and healthcare sectors. Kionix offers one of the industry’s
broadest families of MEMS devices that incorporates 3-axis
accelerometers and gyroscopes along with the mixed-signal-interface
integrated circuits that provide algorithm processing of sensor data.
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