Jun 21 2011Water/Wastewater

New Radar Level Sensor for Water Management

VEGAPLUS WL 61 is the first radar level sensor developed especially for the water/sewage sector. In comparison to classic measuring techniques, such as ultrasonic, this modern technology delivers far more reliable measurement data and has proven highly successful in everyday operation.

The new radar sensor VEGAPULS WL 61 from Vega (Germany) was conceived especially for use in water management and is a cheap alternative to commonly used ultrasonic sensors. Radar technology offers considerable advantages over ultrasonics because it operates without being affected by temperature, wind, fog or rain. The much higher accuracy of radar sensors makes a big difference in applications like flow-rate measurement in open channels, where the measuring ranges are sometimes very small.

The completely encapsulated cable and robust housing of VEGAPULS WL 61 provide a high protection rating of IP 66/68 (1 bar). Thanks to the different mounting options the sensor can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure. VEGAPULS WL 61 is used primarily in applications where users demand high precision and reliable function and previous solutions have not fulfilled all requirements.

One application somewhat apart from classic level measurement is level measurement of rivers. The small, light radar sensor VEGAPULS WL 61, mounted on a jib, records the level of the water contactlessly. In comparison with gauging pipes, the costs of installation and maintenance are very low. It measures river levels with a precision of +/-2 mm and provides early warning of impending floodwaters.

Simple mounting, fast setup and low maintenance requirements make VEGAPULS WL 61 the ideal sensor for many different applications, from level or gauge to flow-rate measurement.

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