UN Resolution 2094 condemns the nuclear test “in the strongest terms” and adds
two new North Korean entities and the names of three senior officials to a
UN blacklist.

In addition, the UN has strengthened the authority of member states to inspect
North Korean flights and shipping.

It requires all countries to block any financial transactions that would help
North Korea’s illegal missile and nuclear weapons programmes.

In the past, China has voted for similar measures without fully enforcing them
on its own territory.

After the resolution was passed, Susan Rice, the US ambassador to the UN, said
that North Korea would “achieve nothing” with threats and provocations.

“I do not think the regime in Pyongyang wants to commit suicide, but that, as
they must surely know, would be the result of any attack on the United
States,” she said.

The rare consensus behind tighter sanctions helps to explain North Korea’s
renewed belligerence.

In addition, the US and South Korea are about to hold joint military exercises
on the Korean peninsula.

Earlier this week, Mr Kim’s regime responded by threatening to revoke the
armistice that ended the fighting after the Korean War of 1950 to 1953.

Mr Kim, who inherited North Korea’s leadership from his late father in 2011,
may also be trying to consolidate his grip on power. Another objective could
be to force America to resume direct talks with his regime.

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