ISTANBUL – The Deliberations of the two-day Islamic Conference of Ministers Responsible for Water in the Islamic States started in Istanbul yesterday. The Sultanate’s delegation is chaired by Ahmed bin Abdullah al Shuhi, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources.
Al Shuhi said that the Sultanate’s participation in this conference stems from its faith that water is the most important factor of life continuity and its availability to all social categories means the progress and development of nations in all aspects of development, as it constitutes the cornerstone for the success and continuity of that development, that’s why water has become the chief concern to the majority of the world’s countries. This obliges us to seriously looking for developed technologies in the management and development of water resources, in addition to preserving what’s available now for the coming generations.
He added that due to the Sultanate’s awareness of the importance of water and the Royal attention of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos to water resources and its importance for development, the government has designed and executed plans for water resources assessment and management, helped by its excellent record in this regard, thus becoming a pioneering country in this field.
The Sultanate has considered the integrated water management and the rational use an essential factor in the strategy of diversifying the Omani economy that called for by Oman 2020 vision conference.
The Conference discussed the adoption of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Water Vision document which has been prepared by an Advisory Panel of Experts, composed of prominent experts from all the OIC regions, on January 12-14 in Istanbul. The OIC Water Vision provides a framework of co-operation on water-related issues in terms of knowledge sharing, sharing of experience, capacity development, technology transfer, water governance and institutional reforms. — ONA