Powercast Corporation, a provider of low-power wireless
technologies and systems, has expanded the capabilities of its
Lifetime Power(R) Wireless Sensor System with two ultra-long-life,
battery-powered sensors. The system provides remote sensing for
building automation, HVAC and lighting control, energy management,
industrial monitoring, and medical compliance.

The first of the new battery-powered devices, the WSN-1101 wireless
sensor, measures temperature, humidity, light, and external
temperature probes. Featuring a pre-installed, long-life,
non-replaceable battery, the WSN-1101 can transmit data once per
minute for more than 25 years without maintenance. It comes in a
small, wall-mount enclosure measuring only 4″x2″x1″. The WSN-1101 can
alternatively be configured with replaceable lithium batteries,
available in retail stores, to provide 15 years of battery life. Both
options provide battery life performance that is unmatched in the
building-controls industry, and deliver a highly competitive
alternative to traditional hardwired systems with high installation
labor costs.

The second of Powercast’s new battery-powered devices, the WSN-1102
wireless CO2 sensor, can operate on batteries for three to 15 years
depending on user-selected data transmission intervals from one to
five minutes. The WSN-1102 is self-calibrating with a measurement
range of 0-5,000ppm, making it suitable to monitor the environment
for occupant comfort as well as safety. Also offering the longest
battery-life in the industry, the WSN-1102 makes a compelling case to
wirelessly monitor CO2 in both new and existing buildings.

Similar to Powercast’s existing WSN-1001/1002 battery-less,
RF-powered sensors, the new battery-powered WSN-1101 and WSN-1102
communicate to Powercast’s WSG-101 wireless gateway. The WSG-101
gateway supports up to 100 sensor nodes and 800 sensor points, and
interfaces to wired Building Automation System (BAS) networks via
industry-standard protocols, including BACnet, Modbus, Metasys N2,
LonWorks, XML, and SNMP. Wireless repeaters with real-time
performance ensure that the system can extend to unlimited distances.
The WSG-101 also supports redundant configurations for
mission-critical applications.

“Powercast’s newest battery-powered sensors provide the deployment
flexibility and installation convenience of wireless technology, with
the predictability and operating longevity of wired systems,” said
Harry Ostaffe, vice president of marketing and sales at Powercast.
“There are no other solutions on the market that match this level of

The WSN-1101 wireless sensor was designed for very low power
consumption, which results in its ultra-long battery life. Powercast
ran a simulated, worst-case, accelerated battery life test over a
22-day period which confirmed operation for longer than 25 years. The
test report is available from the Powercast website.

The list price of the WSN-1101 wireless sensor is around $200 per
device, depending on the configuration, and the list price of the
WSN-1102 wireless CO2 sensor is $550. The Lifetime Power Wireless
Sensor System is also available for private labeling by OEMs,
resellers, and systems integrators.

Powercast will demonstrate its new sensors and sensor system at the
AHR Expo, Booth #3556, January 23 – 25 in Chicago, IL.

About Powercast
Powercast Corporation is a provider of wireless
power technologies and low-power wireless systems for automation,
monitoring, and control. Powercast’s technologies eliminate or reduce
the need for batteries, extend sensor networks into hard-to-service
locations, and enable greater system efficiency in applications such
as building automation and energy management. Contact Powercast on
the web (
www.PowercastSensors.com ), via phone (800.963.6538) or at
566 Alpha Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238.

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