By Andy Choi

Powercast, a manufacturer of low-power wireless systems and technologies, has added two battery-powered sensors designed to magnify the capabilities of the Lifetime Power Wireless Sensor System.

The Lifetime Power system aids in the deployment of environmental sensors required for energy management, medical compliance, building automation, industrial monitoring, and HVAC and lighting control. The long-lasting battery powered sensors include the WSN-1101 and the WSN-1102.

The WSN-1101 wireless sensor has been designed to calculate the humidity, temperature, light, and exterior temperature probes. Integrating durable, non-replaceable battery, the WSN-1101 is capable of transmitting data once every minute for over 25 years to the WSG-101 BAS Gateway, without any need for maintenance. The humidity, light and temperature sensor is a wireless alternative to hardwired systems, which incur high labor costs for installation. The WSN-1101 can also be configured with store-purchased replaceable lithium batteries, can be wall mounted and used in a temperature range of -20°C to 50°C.

The WSN-1102 is a wireless carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor capable of operating for up to 15 years on batteries, depending on the frequency of data transmission to the WSN-101 BAS gateway. It is a self-calibrating sensor designed to monitor the surrounding to ensure occupant safety and comfort. The measurement range of the WSN-1102 lies between 0 to 5,000 ppm. The wall-mount sensor can be used in a temperature range of 0°C to 50°C.

The two new RF-powered sensors communicate with the WSG-101 wireless gateway that supports a maximum of 800 sensor points and 100 sensor notes and follows Modbus, BACnet, Metasys N2, XML, SNMP and LonWorks protocols.

The Vice President – Marketing Sales at Powercast, Harry Ostaffe stated that the battery-powered WSN-1101 and WSN-1102 sensors provide convenience of installation and deployment flexibility along with extended longevity of the system.

The sensors will be showcased by Powercast at the AHR Expo being held between 23-25 January at Chicago, Illinois.