Deeter - Vertical Liquid Level Sensors Deeter - Vertical Liquid Level Sensors

Small vertically mounted liquid level sensor designed for high temperature/high pressure operation and sensing chemically aggressive liquids. The design provides a cost effective solution where high reliability in a demanding environment is called for. Ideal for applications in food, automotive, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Switch Contact Ratings (pure resistive load). For other loads ie. capacitive, inductive or incandescent lamps please contact Deeter for advice.
“-C” option Form C SPDT contacts. 10 Watts max. 60V DC max.switching voltage 200V DC breakdown voltage 1.0A max. switching current
“-50” option Form A SPST contacts. High power switching 50 Watts max. 240V AC max. switching voltage 1.0A max. switching current. Device must be earthed.

As shipped, the float switch is Normally Open and closes on rising to the switching point. This can be changed to Normally Closed and open on rising by inverting the float on the stem.

Technical Data

Suitable Specific Gravity 0.6
Maximum Pressure 500 p.s.i
Operating Temperature -20°C to +200°C
Cable length* 1 metre
Cable type Black P.T.F.E insulated 7/0.2mm rated 6A at 250vAC
Weight 30g
Mounting Not supplied, please enquire for options
Wetted Materials 316 Stainless Steel

*other lengths available on request

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