Deeter - Horizontal Liquid Level Sensors


Small horizontally mounted liquid level sensor designed for high temperature/high pressure operation and sensing chemically aggressive liquids. The design provides a highly cost effective solution where high reliability in a demanding environment is called for.

Deeter - Horizontal Liquid Level Sensors
Technical Data


Switch contact rating (pure resistive load).
For other loads ie. capacitive, inductive or incandescent lamps please contact Deeter for advice.
50 Watts max. Form A SPST Contacts 250vAC max. switching voltage 1.0 Amps max. switching current. 10 Watts max. Form C SPDT Contacts 60v DC max. switching voltage 200v DC breakdown voltage 1A max switching.
Cable type Black P.T.F.E insulated 7/0.2mm rated to 200°C max
Cable length 1 metre
Operating Pressure 500 p.s.i (3445 kPa)
Specific Gravity of float 0.9
Mounting Detail M16 or 3/4″NPT for external mount option
Maximum Tank Wall thickness 8MM (internal mount only)
Wetted Materials 316 Stainless Steel
Weight 80g

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